In collaboration with University of Oxford, Royal Brompton Hospital, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust we have examined whether individuals with asthma have an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 and developing severe disease.

In collaboration with Prof. Rick Body (University of Manchester), we have 
proposed the use of a composite reference standard when evaluating new diagnostic tests for COVID-19.  We hope this can be used to produce standardised data across research groups.

We have worked with the Population Health Sciences Institute at Newcastle University and with 
Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine, Newcastle Hospitals to assess whether specific clinical characteristics predict the likelihood of survival in patients who are admitted to hospital with COVID-19. 

In collaboration with County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, we have reviewed the calculation scores that could potentially be used in the community to predict the risk of individuals with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 developing severe complications.

We have
worked with the Birmingham Test Evaluation Group and Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd. to weigh up the pros and cons of different technologies that could be used for screening, diagnosing and monitoring COVID-19.

Through collaboration with the Population Health Science Institute at Newcastle University,
we have reviewed the guidelines in different countries and outlined which additional medical tests may help clinical decision making when suspected COVID-19 patients have an inconclusive PCR test result.

Working with the NIHR Community Healthcare MIC, we have summarised the characteristics of the current COVID-19 PCR and antibody tests that could be used near the patient rather than in a laboratory.