The MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operatives (MICs) work in partnership with a number of key parts of the healthcare and academic community to deliver its remit
The NIHR Newcastle MIC is funded by NIHR and is delivered in partnership with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University. The NIHR Newcastle MIC works with a range of external partners to deliver the wide remit of the MICs and will continue to grow this network. This includes working closely with other parts of the NHS and NIHR funded infrastructure. 

The NIHR MICs form a strong partner network: collaborating on methodology development and partnering on IVD evaluation studies. MICs will also ensure that enquiries are dealt with by the MIC with the most appropriate clinical and methodological expertise. 

Details of the other NIHR MICs can be found here.

The MICs work closely with the National Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI) who co-ordinate activities across NIHR funded programmes and provide a single access point to the MICs and other clinical research infrastructure. 

The MICs work closely with industry and their trade bodies to ensure that we tailor our approach to meet industry need. We are also forming relationships with disease related charities and patient liaison groups.  

Partners and associated organisations include:

Sources of information on additional support and funding