Evidence Development for Diagnostic Tests 
Summer Webinar Series 
15th June - 14th July 2020 
10:00 - 11:00 (BST)
In nine bite-sized sessions we provide a step by step guide to the evidence development pathway which needs to be followed in order for a new diagnostic test to have the best chance of being adopted.  

In the first webinar of our series Dr. Sara Graziadio from the Newcastle MIC introduces the evidence development pathway for diagnostic tests and our work.  Download the slides.

In our second webinar Amanda Winter from the Newcastle MIC explains what care pathway analysis is and why we use it when examining the potential value of a new diagnostic test.  Download the slides. 

In our third webinar Dr. Kevin Wilson, lecturer within the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics at Newcastle University discusses key measures used for assessing diagnostic accuracy of new diagnostic tests. Download the slides. 

James Wason, Professor of Biostatistics at Newcastle University, joins us in our fourth webinar to discuss different study designs that can be used to demonstrate the clinical utility of a new diagnostic test. Download the slides.

In our fifth webinar Dr. Ryan Kenny and Patience Kunonga, from the Population Health Sciences Institute at Newcastle University, explain the purpose of conducting a systematic review and how this can be used to critically appraise diagnostic accuracy.  Download the slides.

Dr. Lisa Shaw, from the Stroke Research Group at Newcastle University, joins us in our sixth webinar and provides a practical guide to designing and delivering a clinical study.  Download the slides. 

Read the aims and objectives of each webinar.  

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