In order for a new in vitro diagnostic test to be adopted and used by the NHS there needs to be evidence to demonstrate that the new test offers a benefit over the current tests being used.  

The NIHR Newcastle MIC help the developers of new in vitro diagnostic tests to generate this evidence.  We work with test developers who are academics, healthcare professionals or from commercial companies.

After gaining an understanding of your current stage of evidence development, we will work with you to identify the gaps and design the studies needed to generate the evidence required to achieve the vision for your product. 

Our expertise is focused around:

  • Analysis of the care pathway (the journey of the patient through the healthcare system)
  • Health economics
  • Study design, data management and statistical analyses to support the development and delivery of studies to demonstrate clinical validity and clinical utility

We achieve our research work by acting as a bridge between our network of academics, healthcare professionals, commercial companies and local infrastructure.  

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