Working with you to produce an Evidence Development Strategy
We believe that working with you to produce an Evidence Development Strategy is one of the most important steps to help you generate the evaluation evidence required to expedite bringing your diagnostic test to market and adoption by the NHS. 

After gaining an understanding of your current stage of evidence development, we will work with you, through a sequential process, to identify the gaps and design the studies needed to generate the evidence required to achieve the vision for your product. 

Ultimately the outcome of the activities in the Evidence Development Strategy must address the question:

"Would using this product be considered an improvement by patients, clinicians, and/or the NHS?"

The components of the Evidence Development Strategy will include:
  • Assessment of analytical validity data
  • Evaluation of clinical validity
  • Evaluation of clinical utility
  • Patient pathways documentation
  • Budget and resource impact analysis
  • Full health economic analysis
  • Knowledge translation and dissemination