As part of our governance, the management group, a multi-disciplinary team of experts in their field, provide strategic guidance to the Newcastle MIC on a fortnightly basis.  This includes overseeing our prioritisation decisions when we receive new enquiries from diagnostic researchers.

Our management meetings regularly include a presentation from an external guest.  As well as local collaborators we have welcomed representatives from NOCRI, ABHI, Medilink UK, NECS, the UK Department for International Trade, Blue River Consulting, Anasyst Ltd, CPI, Guy's and St, Thomas' BRC and Leeds IVD and Surgical MIC.  

Contact us if you would like to attend one of our meetings as we are keen to share best practice and collaborate.

Meet the Newcastle MIC Management Group

Professor of respiratory medicine, Newcastle University

Ageing and long-term chronic conditions theme lead
Professor of trials for older people, Newcastle University

Personalised and stratified medicine theme lead
Professor of dermatology, Newcastle University

Professor of health economics, Newcastle University

Deputy medical director, Newcastle Hospitals
Consultant in clinical genetics, Newcastle Hospitals

Dr. Andrew Sims
Deputy Director
Head of department of Northern Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering, Newcastle Hospitals

Infectious diseases theme lead
Consultant in infectious diseases, Newcastle Hospitals

Dr. Stephen Lynn
Business manager, AHSN NENC

Commercial director, AHSN NENC

Michelle O'Rourke
Commercial Manager for Medical Technologies, Newcastle Hospitals