The National Institute for Health Research Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (NIHR Newcastle MIC) was established in 2018, building upon the success of the previous NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative (DEC) Newcastle (2013 - 2017). 

We are part of the NIHR infrastructure and are one of 11 NIHR MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostic Co-operatives (MICs) in EnglandThe role of the MICs is to build expertise and capacity in the NHS to develop new medical technologies and provide evidence on commercially-supplied in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests, medical tests which use tissue samples.

More than £14 million over 5 years has been awarded across the 11 NIHR MICs.  

The NIHR MICs were all launched on 1 January 2018.  The NIHR MICs replace the NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operatives (HTCs) and NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives (DECs), incorporating and retaining the remits of both.

The NIHR Newcastle MIC 
work with technology developers in academia and industry to deliver high quality scientific evidence on their in vitro diagnostic tests and medical devices. Our work is focused on the analysis of the care pathway (the journey of a patient with a specific condition in the healthcare system), economic modelling and clinical evaluations.  Our work increases the chances that the test is fit for purpose and, thus, adopted into the NHS.  We have a particular focus on tests where there are currently unmet clinical needs, and these include: ageing and long-term chronic conditions; infectious diseases and stratified (personalised) medicine.  

The Newcastle MIC is funded by the NIHR and is delivered as a partnership between Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University

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